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Interview with Viola Folador, writer and Best Director winner of L'Ansia del Giallo (Yellow's Anxiety) - winner of Best Film of the Festival Winter 2017





1. How did the story for Yellow’s Anxiety come about?


-Well, I always start from the characters and their stories. Yellow's Anxiety is born fusing differents stories. For instance one was a story about the friendship between a girl and an old man who casually met every year under a train shelter. Another one talks about a boy who collects sounds. And another about a little girl who write every morning a list of yellow things. If you watched the film you probably notice bits of every singlo one of these stories in Yellow's Anxiety which then turned in something still different and unique.


2. The film has several themes that appealed well with our audience. Did the story have a main inspiration?


- I don't have a main inspiration: I observe the world. People are the best inspiration. I also read a lot and see many films. I love writing and play with characters and possibilities. Many people says that my style is similar to a fairy tale with strong themes, probably that's a good description. I'm deeply in love with all the things that are different, alone, intricate and decadent, but reality is the best place to find stories, and also an old magician has to be bound with something real and true and this is why we cry when bambi's mother die. Also in a fairy tale reality is really important


3. What were some of the challenges you faced during the film's production?


- Create a short film isn't so simple. The first big problem is the budget. Find the way to create something really professional and good without money isn't so easy. We were lucky, because we found so many people who were happy to help us in so many different's ways. But the monster called budget was always a very big problem. But to be honest there was another very difficult moment before the production phase: during the writing of the shortfilm i had a moment where my first thought was " ok, I want to stop everything. This shortfilm is too difficult, we will never shoot it". Fortunatly my two angels Tommaso and Fabio who helped me in every phase of this works, insisted that "I should go on"


4. What is next for Viola Folador?


- I work as assistant director and director in Milan, but above all for commercials. I dream the world of Cinema. So I start writing again. The title of my next works will be ".buio."







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